Rambling thoughts on the Presidential election 2012.

A very wise man told me yesterday, when I admitted praying for God’s will while reminding God what I thought his will should be, that we must pray for leaders better than we deserve. I did, and look what it got us. I now wonder if I should have reminded God who that leader was supposed to be. I’m kidding, really. I shudder to think we deserved Obama, but I suppose we do. My friend’s advice was wise and true. But I wonder what God has in mind. I can’t sit idly by to wait and find out.

I get frustrated with people who continuously remind themselves and us that “God is in control.” Well, sure He is, ultimately. He’s God! It is a reminder not to be discouraged, but it doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to dump things in his lap, dust off our hands and walk away. My belief is that while it’s important to turn things over to God, we must first make sure we’ve done our part to put those things to right. My little blog is a starting point for me. It will keep me alert, revved up and ready for the fights that are coming our way.

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21 things that went right on election day 2012.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin, always on top of things and ready to pump conservatives up (or back up, as the case may be today):

1. Republicans retained control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

2. Voters in Alabama, Montana, and Wyoming all passed measures limiting Obamacare.

3. Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, one of the conservative movement’s brightest rising stars, overcame establishment GOP opposition to clinch a U.S. Senate victory in Texas.

The rest here.


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I’m baaaack.

I started this blog back in 2010 when I was frustrated with Washington but got busy, well, living. Needless to say, the election results from yesterday have reinvigorated me (read: scared the living hell out of me). So here I go again.

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Who’s “dabbled” in what?

With all the uproar over conservative candidate Christine O’Donnell “dabbling” in witchcraft as a very young woman, some salient points about where others have “dabbled” is in order. Thanks to Rush @ EIB for the points:

  • Pelosi has dabbled in ripping off taxpayers by using military aircraft for personal needs.
  • Obama has dabbled in infanticide.
  • Biden has dabbled in plaigarism.
  • Obama has dabbled in cocaine (he wrote about it in one of his books).
  • Bill ayers, Obama’s good friend, dabbled in domestic terrorism.
  • Valerie Jarrett , assistant to the president, dabbled in communism.
  • Coons, O’Donnell’s Democrat competitor in the race, has dabbled in Marxism (actually, he’s done more than dabbled).

So either let’s not get all verklempt over Christine’s young mistake, or let’s do but we’ll focus on more serious “dabbling” by others. k?

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Charles Krauthammer’s Take on Obama’s Non-Stance on the Mosque at Ground Zero

Well thought-out piece by Krauthammer on what courage would really look like if Obama took a definable, understandable, clear stance on the mosque. Including this, “It takes no courage whatsoever to bask in the applause of a Muslim audience as you promise to stand stoutly for their right to build a mosque, giving the unmistakable impression that you endorse the idea. What does take courage is to then respectfully ask that audience to reflect upon the wisdom of the project and consider whether the imam’s alleged goal of interfaith understanding might not be better achieved by accepting the New York governor’s offer to help find another site.”

Read the article here.

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“To get their way, the elites must erode or dismantle the Constitution, bit by bit, in one way or another. What that means is that they must dismantle America.”

Well written article by Thomas Sowell on the destruction of America by the elite, and a dismantling of the system of self-governance upon which she was founded. Read it here.

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Look in the mirror, taxpayer. You’re financing jihad.

American Taxpayer, Financial Jihadist – Article – National Review Online.

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