Who’s “dabbled” in what?

With all the uproar over conservative candidate Christine O’Donnell “dabbling” in witchcraft as a very young woman, some salient points about where others have “dabbled” is in order. Thanks to Rush @ EIB for the points:

  • Pelosi has dabbled in ripping off taxpayers by using military aircraft for personal needs.
  • Obama has dabbled in infanticide.
  • Biden has dabbled in plaigarism.
  • Obama has dabbled in cocaine (he wrote about it in one of his books).
  • Bill ayers, Obama’s good friend, dabbled in domestic terrorism.
  • Valerie Jarrett , assistant to the president, dabbled in communism.
  • Coons, O’Donnell’s Democrat competitor in the race, has dabbled in Marxism (actually, he’s done more than dabbled).

So either let’s not get all verklempt over Christine’s young mistake, or let’s do but we’ll focus on more serious “dabbling” by others. k?

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